energy rifle n.

an energy gun in the form of a long shoulder weapon


  • 1934 R. P. Preston Land of Twilight in Amazing Stories Dec. 117/2 page image Robert Page Preston bibliography

    We saw Vereans pointing the energy rifles above them.

  • 1950 A. Coppel Last Two Alive! in Planet Stories Nov. 88/2 page image Alfred Coppel bibliography

    He…hoisted himself up, crouching in the open lock with the dead Green’s energy rifle, ready to pick off the first Green to come through the door.

  • 1959 R. Presslie Suicide Squad in Nebula June 96 page image Robert Presslie bibliography

    A sodium-yellow aurora lit up the fog, ahead and to the right of him. He recognised the energy-rifle fusillade before the crackle of gunfire reached his ears.

  • 1969 N. Spinrad Heroes Die But Once in Worlds of If Dec. 65/2 page image Norman Spinrad bibliography

    An energy rifle can stop and elephant. When it’s scary and gloomy in those woods…you'll be glad I insisted on bringing the rifles even if we never use them.

  • 1984 Twilight Zone Magazine Oct. 85/2 page image

    Qarlo’s materialization causes immediate urban panic and he is apprehended after disintegrating a police car with his energy rifle.

  • 2014 A. Irvine First Avenger xv. 137 page image Alex Irvine bibliography

    He spun and brought his shield up just in time to absorb the blast of a Hydra energy rifle. There was the Red Skull! Steve charged him, feeling two more energy blasts hit his shield.

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