fangirl n.

a female fan (chiefly of comics, film, music, or science fiction), esp. an obsessive one

SF Fandom

  • 1934 A. P. Herbert Holy Deadlock 162

    Mary pressed notes and bundles of silver into eager hands, kissed the old fireman for Christmas, and dashed out through the rain so swiftly that only two of the fan-girls caught her.

  • 1990 Re: Hobbes: Possessed Toy from Hell or Reality Check from Alien Gods? in rec.arts.comics (Usenet newsgroup) 28 May

    Use those fanboy and fangirl talents of yours! Trace continuity back to the Hobbes Origin Story, and all will be revealed.

  • 1996 Baltimore Sun 16 Apr. (electronic edition)

    [Interpreting Japanese anime:] I used to go around saying, β€˜That’s not what they say!’ So in some ways, I feel as though it’s my penance for being such a hard-core fangirl way back then. Now I have to listen to other people come up to me saying, β€˜That’s not what it says!’

  • 2020 O. Dade Spoiler Alert ii. 20

    One stray pic at a con, one slip of the tongue, and her reputation might suffer. She could devolve from an experienced professional into a silly fangirl in less time than it took for her to log a soil sample.

Research requirements

interdating 1934–1990

Earliest cite

A.P. Herbert, "Holy Deadlock"

Research History
Andrew Gray submitted a April 1934 cite for "fan-girl" from A.P. Herbert's "Holy Deadlock", referring to fans waiting outside a theatre

Added to the OED in September 2004, with an earliest cite from 1990: as well as antedatings, we would be interested to see interdatings for the large gap between 1934 and 1990.

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