fuggheadedness n.

the quality of being stupid, obnoxious, or incompetent


SF Fandom

  • 1949 C. Burbee Letter in Dawn (#5) Aug. 3/1 page image Charles Burbee

    Without a tremendous effort expension, it would be impossible to find a more complete, well-rounded, ever-flowing fountain of fuggheadedness as we see in Russell Harold Woodman.

  • 1950 F. T. Laney Syllabus for Fanzine in Spacewarp (#42) Sept. 11 page image Francis T. Laney

    If you are a fugghead, you’ll have a better magazine if you suppress your fuggheadedness, but this is pretty hard to do.

  • 1950 F. T. Laney in Spacewarp (#36) Mar. 10 page image Francis T. Laney

    The reason I’m mildly obsessed with CRACKLE is the innate fuggheadedness of the contents.

  • 1959 R. H. Eney Fancyclopedia II 54 Dick Eney bibliography

    The Second or Little Exclusion Act, so called, was a piffling affair at the NYCon II when the con committee briefly refused to allow any attendees who had not paid for the banquet ($7) to listen to the dinner speakers from the balcony overlooking the hall. But this was resented rather as fuggheadedness than malice.

  • 1960 Profanity (#7) Feb. 21 page image

    Boggs thinks the convention should rotate around the country, have an ‘orderly progression westward’, so that people from all localities can attend from time to time. I, as a staunch Californian, wish to urge that the convention ALWAYS be held on the East Coast. We have enough indigenous fuggheadedness out here without importing more of it.

  • 1962 R. Bloch I’ll Fry Tomorrow 52 Robert Bloch

    Our weekly meetings are held in a little hall downtown, and every member is required to attend. Generally, we devote a certain amount of time to discussing each other’s past fuggheadedness, and give testimony of our thanks at escaping from the clutches of organized fandom. Sometimes we have a little program with speakers, and we often invite fuggheads from other parts of the country to be our guests. You see, we have a great number of correspondents here and abroad, and many of us now print up little Fuggheads Anonymous magazines for general distribution. Our membership is limited to seventy-five at the present time, but we have about forty-two on our waiting list. Perhaps next year we'll hold a sort of get-together or convention. So, you see, I have found it easy to forget fandom. Fuggheads Anonymous has given me a new outlook.

  • 1979 ‘L. del Rey’ World of Science Fiction 1926–1976 xxxi. 321 page image Lester del Rey bibliography

    Fugghead: someone who is stupid or hopelessly confused. Like entropy, fuggheadedness tends to increase.

  • 1999 T. Ferguson TommyWorld (#45) 10 Mar. page image

    Vince was once a fiery and powerful writer,…not given to suffering fools gently and a strong critic of fuggheadedness as he perceived it.

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