fantasist n.

a writer of fantasy n. 1

SF Criticism

  • 1923 Glasgow Herald 10 May 6

    Wilde, a chartered fantasist.

  • 1939 Weird Tales Feb. 152/2 page image

    The return of that singular realist, that incalculable fantasist, Thomas P. Kelley…brings gladness to my heart. Never had I been so completely captured by any story as this.

  • 1948 Thrilling Wonder Stories Dec. 176 page image

    An unfinished posthumous novel by the late great fantasist, A. Merritt.

  • 1963 R. Goulart Yes Men of Venus in Amazing Stories July 73/1 page image Ron Goulart

    Introductory note: let me begin by expressing my thanks to the executors of the Arthur Wright Beemis estate for choosing me to complete his unfinished stories, of which this is to be the first. Like so many others I have long been an admirer of the books of the venerable fantasist.

  • 1976 L. S. de Camp White Wizard in Tweeds in Fantastic Nov. 70/1 page image L. Sprague de Camp bibliography

    Tolkien’s friend and fellow fantasist, C. S. Lewis, compared the work to that of Ariosto.

  • 1986 D. Koontz Strangers ii. iv. 306

    Father Gerrano went upstairs to spend a few hours with the latest novel by James Blaylock, the fantasist whom Brendan, too, found interesting, but whose colorful tales of bizarre fantasy creatures and even more bizarre human beings were too imaginative for a hard-nosed realist like Father Wycazik.

  • 1991 Science Fiction Chronicle May 32/2

    This single novel marks McDonald as a significant fantasist.

  • 2007 H. Ellison Mistral in the Bijou in Interzone (#210) June 42/2 page image Harlan Ellison bibliography

    He might easily surpass John Collier, Donald Barthelme, Ray Bradbury or even Kurt Vonnegut as a mainstream fantasist of classic stature.

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