semiprozine n.

a magazine that is between the levels of fanzine and prozine in some category such as circulation, quality of printing, etc.; a well-produced or widely circulated fanzine

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  • 1947 G. Swenson Swimming Through the Sewers in Dream Quest (vol. 1, iss. 1) Jul. 31 page image

    Now for the promised dissection of the new semiprozine as promised earlier in this review. ((Something wrong with that sentence...)) It is obvious to see that it is impossible to criticize this thing on a common basis with the prozines.

  • 1975 E. Weinstein Fillostrated Fan Dictionary 114 Elliot Weinstein bibliography

    Semi-prozineโ€ฆSlick, proffessional [sic] looking fanzines that charge prozine prices.

  • 1977 S. Wood Propellor Beanie in Algol Summerโ€”Fall 23/1

    You can either pick a really serious stfnal name like, oh, Starship or Science Fiction Essays and go the semi-prozine rout, or you can pick an off-the wall name and be crazy-fannish.

  • 1981 M. Glyer Letters in Science Fiction Rev. Summer 39/1

    At least in 1980 a rule that chopped out semi-prozines would still have left unrecognized the fanzines I personally consider best.

  • 2003 D. G. Hartwell & K. Cramer in Yearโ€™s Best Fantasy 3 Introd. p. xv Kathryn Cramer David G. Hartwell

    The semi-prozines of our field mirror the "little magazines" of the mainstream in function, holding to professional editorial standards and publishing the next generation of writers, along with some of the present masters.

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