vacuum-suited adj.

wearing a vacuum suit n.

  • 1947 R. Abernathy Failure on Titan in Planet Stories Winter 57/2 page image Robert Abernathy bibliography

    Two vacuum-suited silhouettes appeared in the lighted airlock and began to clamber down, the first with a self-possessed poise, the other showing signs of a jerky impatience.

  • 1958 β€˜M. Leinster’ City on Moon 20 Murray Leinster

    There should be jeeps carrying burdens, and the chest lights of vacuum-suited figures moving about.

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any evidence 1947

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R. Abernathy 'Failure on Titan'

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Fred Galvin submitted a 1947 cite from Robert Abernathy's "Failure on Titan". Fred Galvin submitted a cite from An Ace Double reprint of Murray Leinster's 1957 "City on the Moon".

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