space-armored adj.

wearing space armor n.

  • 1934 E. E. Smith Triplanetary in Amazing Stories Jan. 13/2 page image Edward E. Smith bibliography

    He flipped on the lifeboat’s visiphone projector and shot its invisible beam up into the control room, where he saw space-armored figures furiously busy at the panels.

  • 1938 C. D. Simak Reunion on Ganymede in Astounding Science-Fiction Nov. 69/2 page image Clifford D. Simak bibliography

    On one of the higher snow-swept hills, a short distance from the arena, reared a massive block of marble, swarming with space-armored sculptors.

  • 1949 A. Coppel Starbusters in Planet Stories Summer 69/1 page image Alfred Coppel bibliography

    The blaze of light outlined the two men and the ship and the planetoids within a fifty mile circle and the expanding shock wave fanned out. It struck the two space armored men to send them spinning wildly.

  • 1957 P. Anderson Light in Galaxy Mar. 113/2 page image Poul Anderson bibliography

    I looked back once and saw a space-armored shape black across the stars.

  • 1967 P. Anderson Starfog in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact Aug. 31/2 Poul Anderson bibliography

    ‘What?’ Silvery against rock, the two space-armored figures turned to stare at him. He could not see their expressions behind the faceplates, but he could imagine how astonishment flickered above awe.

  • 1985 I. McDonald Empire Dreams in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine Dec. 57 page image Ian McDonald bibliography

    Space-armored technicians are running ponderously to cover as the fighter deck is evacuated.

  • 2006 D. Schweitzer Remembering the Future in Asimov’s Science Fiction Oct.–Nov. 225 page image Darrell Schweitzer bibliography

    We remember the future, [/] the bright, curving horizons gleaming [/] on viewscreens against a backdrop of stars, [/] space-armored legions clanking [/] past rows of hulking machines [/] …. to confront the all-metal worlds.

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antedating 1934

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E. E. Smith, "Triplanetary", in Amazing

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Fred Galvin submitted a cite from a 1969 reprint of Poul Anderson's 1967 "Starfog" which Mike Christie verified in the original publication.
Fred Galvin submitted a 1957 cite from Poul Anderson's "The Light".

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