ish n.

an issue or edition in a series; spec. an issue of a magazine, esp. (in early use) a fanzine

SF Fandom

  • 1937 ‘Erdstelulov’ Onward Esperanto in Imagination! (vol. 1, iss. 2, whole no. 2) Nov. 13 page image Forrest J. Ackerman

    Esperanto th language of ATLANTIS! What phantasy this? Only last ish U read, U say, this yr is 50th Anniversry of Esp—then how could it’v been th common tongue of th ancient legendary isle?

  • 1942 M. Lesser Letter in Planet Stories Spring 123/1 page image Milton Lesser bibliography

    What strange part of your mind (?) made you reprint Morey’s pic from the third ish.

  • 1942 A. Verity Letter in Planet Stories Spring 124/1 page image

    In the winter ish, the stories were so good that it was pretty hard to classify them.

  • 1947 Startling Stories May 103/1

    Here are my criticisms of the Jan. ish.

  • 1948 Startling Stories Sept. 136/2

    Rather a plentiful swarm of femme-fans' letters in TEV this ish. The femmes are all right I suppose but too many of them louse up an otherwise good TEV section.

  • 1949 Planet Stories Fall 104/1

    I am rather busy and have formed the habit of rarely reading a whole ish at a sitting, but buying every ish and looking in the Vizi to find out which stories to read in my unread back numbers.

  • 1949 Planet Stories Fall 104/2

    We, the rabid fen, are also a good writer’s best press agents with our little fanzines and their free advertising to those people who buy STF mags. Do not underestimate fandom, Mister Hall. His idea that rabid fans are (a) few and (b) monopolizing the Vizi is also false. You may have noticed that those few rabid fans change often. Old fen get tired of writing (but not of reading—such a thing is unheard of) and new fen take their places. The letter I won the prize for was the first I had ever written to a prozine. Ray Ramsay, in the Summer ish, was a regular reader, but that was his first letter.

  • 1949 Planet Stories Spring 120/2

    That illo is the best in the ish, but sort of nutz.

  • 1955 R. de Soto Revolving Fan in Amazing Stories May 75 page image Roger De Soto bibliography

    Over the years, they [sc. fanzines] have developed a special argot: ‘ish’ for ‘issue’; ‘illo’ for ‘illustration’; ‘faned’ (rhymes with ‘Slan head’) for ‘fan editor’, to give a few examples.

  • 1961 G. H. Scithers in Amra July 2 George H. Scithers

    Next ish: a guide to who is who of the Howard heroes in the centerspread.

  • 1961 G. H. Scithers in Amra July 2 George H. Scithers

    This is…the early July 1961 ish of Amra, a magazine published as often as we can make it.

  • 1967 Worlds of If Science Fiction June 160/2

    My sincerest apologies to Brother Ron Smith in the December ish.

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Fred Galvin submitted a 1967 cite from a letter to If magazine by Drake Maynard.
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