trufandom n.

the state of being a trufan; excellence in fannish behavior


SF Fandom

  • 1954 B. Shaw & W. Willis Enchanted Duplicator i. 4 page image Bob Shaw Walt Willis bibliography

    β€˜Oh Spirit of Fandom, tell me how I may become a True Fan and publish the Perfect Fanzine, for that is what I desire more than anything in the world.’ β€˜I see I have chosen wisely,’ said the fairy approvingly, β€˜but the way to your heart’s desire is long and hard. To reach it you must obtain the Enchanted Duplicator, sometimes known as the Magic Mimeograph. It lies in the very heart of Fandom, on the top of the High Tower of Trufandom, and the path to it is long and beset with many dangers.’

  • 1955 D. Knight Microtome in Hyphen 13 Mar. 3 Damon Knight

    Trufandom was off, to an appropriately ambiguous start.

  • 1996 B. Pelz Introduction to Real Virtuality in White Papers 244

    Each had a different illustrator for the story of Jophan, a modern Pilgrim, and his Journey to the land of Trufandom.

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Jeff Prucher submitted a 1967 cite from Damon Knight's "In Search of Wonder"; Alistair Durie verified the 1955 first appearance in Hyphen.
Jeff Prucher submitted a 1996 cite from Bruce Pelz's "An Introduction to Real Virtuality".

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