countergravity n.

= antigravity n.

  • 1937 S. A. Coblentz in Astounding Stories Sept. 52/1 page image Stanton A. Coblentz bibliography

    For every force there must be a counterforce! For every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction! That is a fundamental law. It must apply to gravity as much as to anything. And, by Jove, if it can be found, I'm going to discover that countergravity—and apply it!

  • 1950 J. Vance Dying Earth 87 Jack Vance

    He knew lore of all ages, secrets of fire and light, gravity and counter-gravity, the knowledge of superpsychic numeration, metathasm, corolopsis.

  • 1954 N. Bond Vital Factor in N. Bond No Time like Future 10

    I've solved their secret. My idea is based on the principle that lets them fly. Electromagnetism. Utilization of the force of gravity. Or its opposite: counter-gravity.

  • 1955 R. Wilson Girls from Planet 5 169

    We have no intention of crashing into the city…That would do comparatively little damage. We will apply countergravity. The ship will stop, but the city will disappear.

  • 2015 W. C. Bauers Unbreakable 21 page image W. C. Bauers bibliography

    A green light on the steering console came to life and scanned her eyes. Then the sled rose on a platform of countergravity.

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