aircab n.

a flying taxicab; cf. earlier aerocab n.


  • 1934 โ€˜H. Vincentโ€™ Barrier in Amazing Stories Sept. 119/1 page image Harl Vincent bibliography

    Dropping his aircab from the night traffic level and hovering over the place at dawn, Peyton could see nothing about it to justify the fears of his companion.

  • 1940 H. Bates Farewell to Master in Astounding Science-Fiction Oct. 60/1 page image Harry Bates bibliography

    He snatched up the little camera, grabbed an aircab and hurried back to the museum.

  • 1940 โ€˜R. La Fayetteโ€™ One Was Stubborn in Astounding Science-Fiction Nov. 90/2 page image L. Ron Hubbard bibliography

    I fell through the giddy mists. Only an aircab could have saved me.

  • 1956 F. L. Wallace Assistant Self in Fantastic Universe Mar. 8/2 page image F. L. Wallace bibliography

    He went down and hailed an aircab which took him to the far side of the city.

  • 1970 G. Eklund Dear Aunt Annie in Fantastic Stories Apr. 85/1 page image Gordon Eklund bibliography

    I hail a passing aircab and we head through the heat to the nearest AVC (Anti-Violence Clinic). Itโ€™s a nice trip as the driver keeps silent.

  • 1991 C. Beckett Long Journey of Frozen Heart in Interzone July 60/1 page image Chris Beckett bibliography

    She leapt up, rushed out into the street and hailed a yellow air-cab.

  • 2004 L. Evans & J. Ringo Road to Damascus iii. 38 Linda Evans John Ringo bibliography

    The aircab took the winding turn through Maze Gap that would lead to Klameth Canyon, dipping and bumping as they encountered turbulent air at the edge of the weather front that had left Madison socked in beneath rain clouds.

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Mike Christie submitted a 1940 cite from "One Was Stubborn", by Rene La Fayette (pseudonym of L. Ron Hubbard)
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Jesse Sheidlower submitted a 1956 cite from Fantastic Universe.
Jesse Sheidlower submitted a 1970 cite from Gordon Eklund in Fantastic Stories.
Jesse Sheidlower submitted a 1991 cite from Chris Beckett in Interzone.
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