space navigator n.

one who navigates a spaceship; = astrogator n.

  • 1929 H. A. Kunitz Coldness in Empty Interstellar Space in Amazing Stories May 185 (letter) page image

    The cover picture of one of your recent issues…showed us space navigators securely clad in heavy furs.

  • 1930 ‘G. Edwards’ Rescue from Jupiter in Wonder Stories Feb. 778/1 page image Gawain Edwards bibliography

    He called the explorers in, the mechanics and engineers, the space-navigators and the rocket-experts.

  • 1941 J. R. Fearn Cosmic Derelict in Planet Stories 62/2 page image John Russell Fearn bibliography

    I ken one thing, sir—ye're not much o' a space navigator.

  • 1951 A. C. Clarke Exploration of Space 82 Arthur C. Clarke bibliography

    His position is, clearly, only one of the things a space-navigator would want to know.

  • 1964 J. Sharkey Venus Charm in Fantastic 106/2 page image Jack Sharkey bibliography

    Overhead, the cold white stars lay across the dome of dark emerald night sky in unfamiliar configurations. A good space navigator might be able to divine his probable locale from those stars, taking magnitude- and location-variables into three-dimensional account.

  • 1974 J. Sladek Space Shoes of the Gods in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Nov. 56/2 page image John Sladek bibliography

    Conventional archaeologists have tried to explain away a remarkable cave drawing…. The drawing can only be a space navigator taking bearings on a wooly [sic] mammoth.

  • 1997 A. McCaffrey & M. Ball Acorna (2001) 380 Anne McCaffrey Margaret Ball bibliography

    That, she considered, was the price she paid for the money that had put her through nav training…. She couldn’t actually work as a space navigator; that would be beneath her family’s status.

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Han Kunitz, in a letter to Amazing Stories

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