holoscreen n.

a screen that displays a hologram

  • 1969 B. W. Aldiss Soft Predicament in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Oct. 68/2 page image Brian W. Aldiss bibliography

    We had old-fashioned two-dimensional oil paintings, no-mobile, on the walls, and no holoscreen.

  • 1979 C. Sheffield Grooves of Change in Amazing Stories 14/1 page image Charles Sheffield bibliography

    When Wolf’s image appeared on the holoscreen, sleepy-looking and irritated, Park decided he must have made a slight error in his time calculation.

  • 1989 I. Asimov Nemesis (1990) 282 Isaac Asimov

    The holoscreen sprang to life and she could see the two suited figures on it, standing on the barren soil of Erythro.

  • 2015 A. M. Steele Long Wait in Asimov’s Science Fiction Jan. 73 page image Allen Steele bibliography

    β€˜See, everything the ship tells us about what it’s doing comes to us here.’ Dad shifted me from one knee to another as he pointed to the holoscreen.

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