moon rocket n.

a rocket designed for travel to the Moon

  • 1920 Richmond Palladium & Sun-Telegraph20 Jan. 12/3 (headline)

    Moon Rocket Should Be Used to Explore Earth’s Air, Says Prof. Goddard.

  • 1921 Scientific American 26 Feb. 166

    That Moon Rocket Proposition.

  • 1929 J. R. Ullrich Moon Strollers in Amazing Stories May 148/2 page image J. Rogers Ullrich bibliography

    After the firing, the control and the propelling forces were definitely known and established, construction of the moon rocket became a logical sequence.

  • 1947 R. Bradbury Rocket Summer in Planet Stories Spring 50/1 page image Ray Bradbury

    The crew of the Moon Rocket stood in the air-lock.

  • 1961 M. Banister Magnanthropus in Fantastic Stories Oct. 62/2 page image Manly Banister bibliography

    Others thought maybe Brock was just the supervisor for some kind of government project—maybe another try with a moon rocket, or something like that.

  • 2014 A. Steele V-S Day 86 page image Allen Steele bibliography

    ‘Before he knew it, every reporter in America wanted to do an interview with him. And they all wanted to know when he was going to build that rocket to the Moon.’ ‘A moon rocket? [...] Why would they think he’s building something like that?’ ‘At the end of the paper, Bob speculated that it might be possible to fire a rocket to the Moon with an explosive charge aboard, to blow up when it crashes there so that astronomers could see it and know that it had arrived.’

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