cyborgized adj.

(of a biological organism) made into a cyborg n.

  • 1989 O. S. Card Books to Look For in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Dec. 32/2 Orson Scott Card

    Do you want to read a novel of character? Then watch these people in flux—cyborgized, rejuvenated, crippled, genetically altered; dehumanized as refugees, samurais, mercenaries, machines.

  • 1997 Interzone June 9/1

    There was always a choice…between doing what ever Gilgamesh Isis asked of him…and being deprogrammed, cyborgized and sent to work in the sulphur projects around the slopes of Ra Patera.

  • 1999 B. Stableford Architects of Emortality 113 Brian Stableford

    Suitskins designed for everyday use were purely organic—even supposedly state-of-the-art sexsuits and commercially augmented VE trippers were only lightly cyborgized—but the suitskin Paul had been wearing was nearly 40 percent inorganic. Fortunately, there was no law specifying the limits of explicit neural cyborgization in artificial constructions.

  • 2000 A. Reynolds Revelation Space xviii. 290 Alastair Reynolds bibliography

    Hegazi had always been an extreme example of his kind—almost as comprehensively cyborgised as his Captain…

  • 2000 B. Stableford Fountains of Youth lxx. 304 Brian Stableford

    The highkickers were serious about the possibilities of cyborgization, and there were many among them who felt that if cyborgization was the price they would have to pay to establish authentic Utopias in the ice-palace cities that awaited them on Titan and the Uranian moons, then it was a price well worth paying. There were not quite so many who felt that the work of galactic exploration ought to be the province of cyborgized humans rather than silver-piloted probes, but there were enough of them to force the progress of human-machine hybridization into ever-more-adventurous channels.

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