post-apocalypse adj.

= post-apocalyptic adj.

SF Criticism


  • 1968 Daily Mirror 1 Aug. 11/5

    The film also features a character known as The Whole Post Office. That is the fellow on the right, prepared for any emergency with cheese grater, C D badge and other aids to post-,apocalypse [sic] living, disguised as Spike Milligan.

  • 1970 B. N. Malzberg Books in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction May 29/2 page image Barry N. Malzberg

    Richard Wilson’s ‘Mother to the World’ is another post-apocalypse Adam-and-Eve story in which Adam is a gifted and intelligent man and Eve and attractive, wistful, devoted moron with an IQ of 60 or so.

  • 1970 J. R. Frakes Novels in Washington Post Book World Oct. 18 2/3

    The time is post-apocalypse; the setting, the flats west of the city, a kind of terminal chessboard where every space must be staked out.

  • 1976 T. Hutchinson Science Fiction in Times 5 Feb. 11/4

    Grimly visionary story on the usual post-apocalypse theme, with magic having superseded science as the basis of the last remaining State, and a lone stranger battling it out with malign forces.

  • 1979 B. Searles et al. Reader's Guide to Science Fiction 40

    ‘The Prince in Waiting’ series concerns a post-apocalypse future where the culture has returned to the medieval, but in a Heinleinesque touch, the religion of the state masks a new return to technology in a society where machines are officially taboo.

  • 2011 Interzone (#234) May–June 58/1 page image

    The programme makers are much less interested in genre content and more concerned, overall, with soap opera narrative in a post-apocalypse scenario.

  • 2016 SFX (#273) June 46/1 page image

    One of my favourite books of recent years, Birdbox, about a post-apocalypse world terrorised by monsters so frightening you die if you look at them.

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