spaceboot n.

footwear intended for use in outer space or on other worlds

  • 1932 ‘A. Gilmore’ Passing of Ku Sui in Astounding Stories Nov. 257/1 page image bibliography

    Everyone in the laboratory could hear plainly the heavy, sliding tread of the great space-boots.

  • 1941 ‘K. von Rachen’ Mutineers in Astounding Science Fiction Apr. 133/2 page image L. Ron Hubbard bibliography

    Her bridge deck was chipped by the spaceboots of men not fit to feed her barrels.

  • 1941 R. Z. Gallun Great Idea in Startling Stories Jan. 92/1 page image Raymond Z. Gallun bibliography

    Spaceboot tracks that looked harassed were everywhere in the faint dust on the lava.

  • 1964 R. F. Young Sphinx in Amazing Stories June 96/1 page image Robert F. Young bibliography

    Actually, in combination with his snappy black spaceboots it constituted as sharp an outfit as the Terran Space Navy had ever come up with, but she certainly didn’t seem to think so.

  • 1985 ‘J. Carr’ Treasure in Heart of Maze 125 page image Jayge Carr bibliography

    A second arrow missed the outside of his spaceboot by less than a fingerwidth.

  • 2007 G. Wolfe Memorare in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Apr. 12 page image Gene Wolfe bibliography

    Spaceboots over the feet of the suit were not strictly necessary, but were (as March reminded himself) a damned good idea.

  • 2013 SciFiNow (#85) 76/2 page image

    During the scene aboard the derelict, the soles of the rescue team’s space boots light up with each step.

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antedating 1932

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Anthony Gilmore, "The Passing of Ku Sui".

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