Plutonian n. 1

a native or inhabitant of Pluto


  • 1931 S. H. Coblentz Into Plutonian Depths in Wonder Stories Quarterly Spring 323/2 page image

    Not less than eight or ten distinguished-looking Plutonians had been summoned for the occasion.

  • 1935 H. J. Kostkos Earth Rehabilitators, Consolidated in Amazing Stories Apr. 61/1 page image Henry J. Kostkos bibliography

    While unmoved by any feeling of pity, the Earthman nevertheless felt impelled to say something that would enable the Plutonian to regain a more normal composure.

  • 1946 ‘W. F. Jenkins’ From Beyond Stars in Thrilling Wonder Stories June 88/1 Murray Leinster bibliography

    I said, ‘You old Mercurian! You old Plutonian! You want to blow up Earth!’

  • 1947 Planet Stories Dec.–Jan. 121/1

    It’s going to be a long, long time before we see you again—so goodbye, Bill. Happy hunting! And don’t expect the Plutonians to send you back. I'm sending you to Sirius!

  • 1950 ‘L. F. Stone’ Rape of Solar System in Flight Into Space 242 Leslie F. Stone

    In Space they met, three great armada, armed to the teeth. From the first, Luna’s was a losing battle. Together the Martians and Plutonians drove her back, passed on to earth.

  • 1959 D. A. Wollheim Secret of Ninth Planet 168 Donald A. Wollheim

    In their landings, they had found inscriptions on walls and bas-reliefs carved on mountains. They knew from these what the Plutonians had looked like, and they had a suspicion of what had happened.

  • 1998 J. Varley Golden Globe 78 John Varley

    What a shame no Plutonians actually came out here for a sleigh ride, or to picnic by the little brooks a-gurgling.

  • 2012 K. S. Robinson 2312 527 page image Kim Stanley Robinson bibliography

    So to my mind, we’ll have administered justice, and bought ourselves some time. So I’m glad there’s been agreement from the Plutonians and the Mondragon and all the other relevant parties, including Shukra. And hopefully Swan, when she hears about it, and everyone else.

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antedating 1931

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S. H. Coblentz 'Into Plutonian Depths'

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Ralf Brown located and Edward Keyes submitted a 1959 cite from Donald Wollheim's "Secret of the Ninth Planet".
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Fred Galvin submitted a 1947 cite from Will F. Jenkins' "From Beyond the Stars".
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Jeff Prucher suggested, and Alistair Durie submitted cites from Stanton H. Coblentz's 1931 "Into Plutonian Depths".
Ben Ostrowsky submitted a 2012 cite from Kim Stanley Robinson.

(Note that the planet Pluto was discovered and named in 1930)

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