Lunarian n.

a native or inhabitant of the Moon


  • 1708 British Apollo 24โ€“26 Mar.

    Be those Lunarians false or true.

  • 1813 G. Fowler Flight to Moon i. 12 page image George Fowler bibliography

    On my descent to the moon, I was struck with the thought that it was impossible for the Lunarians to form any idea respecting me; the sphere in which I moved, or the regions whence I had descended. Was I an inhabitant of another planet?

  • 1849 E. A. Poe Mellonta Tauta in Godeyโ€™s Ladyโ€™s Book Feb. 137/2 page image Edgar Allan Poe bibliography

    [W]atched with much interest the putting up of a huge impost on a couple of lintels in the new temple at Daphnis in the moon. It was amusing to think that creatures so diminutive as the lunarians and bearing so little resemblance to humanity, yet evinced a mechanical ingenuity so much superior to our own. One finds it difficult, too, to conceive the vast masses which these people handle so easily, to be as light as our reason tells us they actually are.

  • 1898 G. P. Serviss Edisonโ€™s Conquest of Mars in Los Angeles Herald 20 Feb. 22/6 page image Garrett P. Serviss bibliography

    One of them was fortunate enough to discover an even more precious relic of the ancient lunarians.

  • 1911 tr. J. Verne Robur the Conqueror in Works of Jules Verne XIV. 100

    You might get married to some pretty bouncing Lunarian!

  • 1929 A. Phillips Death of the Moon in Amazing Stories Feb. 1028/1 page image A. M. Phillips bibliography

    A Lunarian, preparing to leave, looked up from a rock he had been studying.

  • 1931 J. Schlossel Extra-Galactic Invaders in Amazing Stories Quarterly Spring 277/2 page image J. Schlossel bibliography

    There, somewhere in the center of that vast host, the Solarians, both men and Lunarians, began to see themselves in their true perspectives.

  • 1940 J. M. Reynolds Goddess of the Moon in Planet Stories Spring 18/2 page image John Murray Reynolds bibliography

    He looked more like an Earthling than a Lunarian, with his sturdy legs and small eyes.

  • 1977 J. Varley Ophiuchi Hotline (1994) 26 John Varley

    Most Lunarians knew little selenography.

  • 1991 J. Varley Steel Beach (1993) 28 John Varley bibliography

    Shoes. If Lunarians wear them, they tend to be the soft kind, like moccasins, or socks.

  • 1993 P. Anderson Harvest of Stars (1994) 6 Poul Anderson bibliography

    Right now the very Lunarians were in her mind more akin to her than these fellow citizens.

  • 2015 I. McDonald Luna: New Moon vii. 238 page image Ian McDonald bibliography

    Marina is trapped in a dull conversation whorl dominated by a loud sociologist from Farside U and his theories about post-national identities in second and third generation lunarians.

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