Uranian n.

a native or inhabitant of Uranus


  • 1834 J. Chickering in J. V. C. Smith Sci. Tracts & Family Lyceum II. 137

    On the contrary, the Saturnians or Uranians must have superior acuteness of vision.

  • 1870 R. A. Proctor Other Worlds than Ours vii. 168

    The year of the Uranians lasts 84 of our years.

  • 1941 Cosmic Stories Mar.

    You forget, doctor, that it’s not rightfully yours, either. You stole it from that Uranian prince.

  • 1996 K. S. Robinson Blue Mars 431 Kim Stanley Robinson

    For the Uranians this freedom was worth more than light or gravity.

  • 2010 J. Culberson Quroak xix. 194

    How far advanced are the Uranians over us in physics and engineering to pull off something like this?

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Proctor 'Other Worlds Than Ours'

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