Neptunian n. 1

a native or inhabitant of the planet Neptune


  • 1870 R. A. Proctor Other Worlds than Ours 173

    The Neptunians would be wholly unable to see Uranus.

  • 1930 H. D. Juve Struggle for Neptune in Wonder Stories Quarterly Fall 95/1 page image Henrik Dahl Juve bibliography

    These Neptunians were huge savages, rivaling in weight even the largest elephants.

  • 1946 E. Hamilton Outlaw World in Startling Stories Winter 30/1 page image Edmond Hamilton bibliography

    The place was packed with the most motley, hard-bitten interplanetary throng that could be assembled in the System. Jovians, Venusians, Neptunians, Earthmen, and men of every other planet, all of them wearing weapons and all of them drinking and carousing with equally hard-eyed women.

  • 1955 L. Chandler Day After Eternity in Fantastic Feb. 56/2 page image Lawrence Chandler bibliography

    Oh, yes. The Expedition that finally succeeded in liberating the Neptunians. Noble effort.

  • 1963 J. G. Ballard The Encounter in Amazing Stories June 100/2 page image J. G. Ballard bibliography

    I wonder what Charles is planning for the Congress? A Neptunian? Or perhaps a whole delegation from Proxima Centauri.

  • 1977 E. Mayfield in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Aug. 158/2 page image

    Neptunians secrete protective bubbles around them when in danger.

  • 1985 C. Rowley Black Ship 121 Christopher Rowley bibliography

    They screamed for a pilot as the other Neptunians stumbled out beside them. Together they ran for the planes.

  • 2011 M. Atwood Flying Rabbits in In Other Worlds (2012) 19 Margaret Atwood bibliography

    As our father was an entomologist and all-round naturalist, we also had ample access to scientific drawings of, for instance, pond life under the microscope, which may have contributed to our ideas of what Martians and Venusians and Neptunians and Saturnians should look like.

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