sentience n. 2

an intelligent being

  • 1947 G. O. Smith Kingdom of Blind in Startling Stories July 48/1 George O. Smith

    Secondly, the true schizophrenic paranoid cannot rail against a mechanistic fate. He must find some sentience to fight, some evil mind to combat. For the paranoid feels that he can win in the end, which of course would be impossible against a case of mechanistic doom. Therefore Carroll needed some sentient manifestation of this doom, something that he could strike at, fight against. Therefore he has accused an ‘alien culture’ of tampering with the records to prevent us from knowing the truth.

  • 1973 P. Anderson Lodestar in John W. Cambell Memorial Anthology 16 Poul Anderson bibliography

    Already it had shrunk in his vision to a ball, swirled blue and white: a body as big and fair as Earth ever was, four or five billion years in the making, uncounted swarms of unknown life-forms, sentiences and civilizations, histories and mysteries, become a marble in a game…or a set of entries in a set of data banks, for profit or loss, in a few cities a hundred or more light-years remote.

  • 1991 T. Bisson They're Made Out of Meat in Bears Discover Fire (1993) 35

    ‘Omigod. So what does this meat have in mind?’ ‘First it wants to talk to us. Then I imagine it wants to explore the Universe, contact other sentiences, swap ideas and information. The usual.’

  • 1992 V. Vinge Fire upon Deep xxxii. 254 Vernor Vinge bibliography

    Imagine: a stable necrosis, where the only sentience in the High Beyond is the Blight.

  • 1999 I. MacDonald Days of Solomon Gursky 253

    PanLife, that amorphous, multi-faceted cosmic infection of human, trans-human, non-human, PanHuman sentiences, had filled the universe long before the continuum reached its elastic limit and began to contract under the weight of dark matter and heavy neutrinos.

  • 2002 U. K. Le Guin Social Dreaming of Frin in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Oct.—Nov. 185 Ursula K. Le Guin

    The duty of the strong-minded person, she holds, is to strengthen dreams, to focus them—not with a view to practical results or new inventions, but as a means of understanding the world through a myriad of experiences and sentiences (not only human).

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