vac-suited adj.

= vacuum-suited adj.

  • 1939 ‘E. Binder’ Impossible World in Startling Stories Mar. 19/1 page image Otto Binder bibliography

    The rest of the men struggled into their vac-suits of neo-rubber. The two pilots helped them clamp the neck fittings of their helmets and clipped oxygen bottles to their belts…. Finally the eight vac-suited figures clumped out with their lead-weighted shoes and the air-lock hissed shut behind them.

  • 1952 M. Lesser Jungle in the Sky in Worlds of If May 31/1 page image Milton Lesser bibliography

    A vac-suited man met them at the airloc, and Steve saw LeClarc’s face through the glassite helmet.

  • 1984 E. Bryant Pilots of the Twilight in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine mid-Dec. 45 page image Edward Bryant bibliography

    Morgan saw the main Zaharan dome slice open and rupture outward from the pressure differential, spilling dozens of flailing, vac-suited figures into the harsh sunlight on Fear’s surface.

  • 1993 D. Weber On Basilisk Station (1994) i. 15 David Weber bibliography

    Yard mechs swarmed over her in the dock’s vacuum, supervised by vacsuited humans, but most of the work seemed to be concentrated on the broadside weapon bays.

  • 2006 T. Zahn Outbound Flight xxiii. 376 page image Timothy Zahn bibliography

    He caught a glimpse of vac-suited figures surrounding him as he was enveloped in a tangle of sticky cloth.

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"Eando Binder", in Startling Stories.

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Michael Dolbear submitted a cite from a 1994 reprint of David Weber's 1993 "On Basilisk Station".
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