vacuum suit n.

= space suit n.

  • 1926 G. P. Wertenbaker The Man from the Atom in Amazing Stories Apr. 64/2 page image G. Peyton Wertenbaker bibliography

    The Professor next placed the transparent head gear over my head and secured it with attachments to my vacuum suit.

  • 1930 E. E. Smith Skylark Three in Amazing Stories Sept. 543/2 page image Edward E. Smith bibliography

    They were wearing vacuum suits and were very short and stocky, giving the impression of enormous strength.

  • 1930 E. E. Smith Skylark Three in Amazing Stories Sept. 545/1 page image Edward E. Smith bibliography

    As Loring held the steel vessel close to the stranger, DuQuesne donned a vacuum suit and stepped into the airlock.

  • 1947 R. Abernathy Failure on Titan in Planet Stories Winter 61/1 page image Robert Abernathy bibliography

    He removed the helmet, set it carelessly on the desk-top, and, turning, began to unzip his vacuum suit.

  • 1949 H. Kuttner Time Axis in Startling Stories Jan. xiv. 50/1 page image Henry Kuttner bibliography

    I passed an Exploratory Station and took a minute to go in and grab a vacuum suit. Carrying it, I headed for a gate in the great dome that covered the city.

  • 1955 โ€˜M. Leinsterโ€™ Scrimshaw in Astounding Science Fiction Sept. 131/2 page image Murray Leinster bibliography

    There was a warning-bell in the shack, and when a rocketship from Lunar City got above the horizon and could send a tight beam, the gong clanged loudly, and Pop got into a vacuum-suit and went out the air lock.

  • 1988 K. Tyers Fusion Fire vii. 64 Kathy Tyers bibliography

    Polar wandered back toward the star-filled projection tank beside Adiynโ€™s long desk, his black mood enveloping him like a vacuum suit.

  • 1990 B. Shaw Orbitsville Departure 103 Bob Shaw bibliography

    Although it was the most over-publicised object in the globe, he paused before the heroic bronze which depicted a man clad in a vacuum suit of a design which had been in service two centuries earlier.

  • 2002 D. Weber Excalibur Alternative xi. 258 David Weber bibliography

    One of the Navyโ€™s main construction docks dominated the scene, and Mugabi could just make out the bright, color-coded vacuum suits of the yard workers as they hovered about the mile-long hull of what would have been a new battlecruiser.

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