zero-g n.

= zero-gravity n.

  • 1940 Detroit Free Press (Magazine section) 9 June 6/1

    Recovery…occurred in a few seconds following or during a return to zero G (the level) and beyond a brief period of apparent bewilderment, no other effects were noted.

  • 1952 A. C. Clarke Islands in Sky 80 Arthur C. Clarke bibliography

    She was escorted by an elderly woman who seemed to be quite at home under zero ‘g’ and gave Linda a helpful push when she showed signs of being stuck.

  • 1957 H. Slesar Metal Martyr in Fantastic May 37/1 page image Henry Slesar bibliography

    You were gonna be a big-shot surgeon. But you couldn’t handle a little zero-g operation, could you?

  • 1974 J. C. Haldeman Space Through Our Fingers in Amazing Stories Oct. 66/1 page image Jack C. Haldeman, II bibliography

    The cargo bay could be set up as zero G laboratories or medical facilities.

  • 1981 V. N. McIntyre Entropy Effect i. 43 Vonda N. McIntyre

    At the crystal growth station in the zero-g section of Aleph Prime.

  • 1996 SFX May 16/3

    Making Apollo 13 was an unusual experience for Bill, involving not only zero-G filming but also the chance to meet the character he was playing, Fred Haise.

  • 1998 ‘L. A. Graf’ War Dragons xv. 220 Julia Ecklar Karen Rose Cercone bibliography

    It was like zero-G, with no concept of up and down.

  • 2020 M. Cole Sixteenth Watch 25 Myke Cole bibliography

    Oliver had felt this sense of losing direction before, but only in zero-g.

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