morph n.

an artificial or duplicate body

  • 1990 C. W. McCubbin GURPS Aliens 15/1

    Morph 40 points The race is able to assume the form of any creature. The creatures being duplicated must be physically present (a high-quality holographic image may suffice at the GM’s discretion) or memorized. A morph can memorize a number of forms equal to its IQ. A memorized form can be "overwritten" with a new one. Mass does not change, although the morph can still take the appearance of a much larger or smaller creature by increasing or decreasing its body density. The morph gains the physical appearance of the target (including its voice), but not the knowledge, skills or memories. The morph retains all its own skills, and its attributes remain unchanged. It takes a full turn for morphing to finish, and the same amount of time to change back into its original form.

  • 1993 M. Bourne Being Human in Asimov’s Science Fiction Dec. 97

    Morphs were only a fraction of the Festival’s population.

  • 1993 M. Bourne Being Human in Asimov’s Science Fiction Dec. 93

    Tan was in better spirits since her morph.

  • 1993 M. Bourne Being Human in Asimov’s Science Fiction Dec. 94

    When I opened my eyes, he had opened a big, brown pair of his own near the holoprint on the wall (a portrait of me before my morph. Red hair, toothy smile, astride my father’s shoulders. My father never morphed, and never understood my choice of vocations.)

  • 1993 D. Smeds Suicidal Tendencies in L. Aronica et al. Full Spectrum 4 (1994) 302

    Never mind that her body morph presented her as a stylish, if a bit voluptuous, nineteen-year-old blonde. Her carriage betrayed that she was really a prune-faced, four-hundred-year-old gossip.

  • 1993 D. Smeds Suicidal Tendencies in L. Aronica et al. Full Spectrum 4 (1994) 303

    I wondered what sort of morph she wore during her private time.

  • 1994 A. A. Attanasio Solis (1995) 194

    Oh, I'm not ending it, Mei dear… I'm becoming light—true freedom. No more of this shape-shifting—morphs, clades, and plasmatics—it’s disgusting. The light is pure and timeless.

  • 1994 Sci Fi Entertainment Aug. 30/2

    They were charging $100,000 for a morph.

  • 1996 W. Gibson Idoru 216 William Gibson

    That isn’t me. It’s a morph. If I could prove it was a morph, I could sue you.

  • 2000 M. Flynn Lodestar i. 7

    Her morph was preprogrammed. An A/S kept the imago smiling and pleasant, and a good thing, too, because there were days when she was not fit company—days when she hated all the stumbling, clumsy, two-legged oafs who did not even dream they possessed what she could never have again.

  • 2002 K. A. Goonan Light Music 313

    Part of the city, she observed, was different. Puzzlingly so. The ridges were smoothed out, although the previous forms were still visible. She was seeing a morph in action.

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