moon ship n.

a spacecraft for travelling to the Moon


  • 1930 The Mail (Adelaide, Australia) 23 Aug. 9/2 page image

    The scaffolding that held the moon ship is scattered over an area of several acres, and for a brief moment or two the silent thousands have a glimpse of a steel body rushing at unbelievable speed towards the blue vault of heaven!

  • 1931 G. B. Beattie Murders on the Moon-Ship in Wonder Stories Feb. 958 (title) page image George B. Beattie bibliography

    The Murders on the Moon-Ship.

  • 1933 R. Baldwin Retribution in Amazing Stories Nov. 79/2 page image Robert Baldwin (I) bibliography

    And so the moon-ship, β€˜Terra’, plunged on through space.

  • 1949 D. Knight Gravity Trap in Super Science Stories July 113/2 page image Damon Knight bibliography

    Not two weeks ago, your first moon ship, designed, built, manned and launched under your personal direction, vanished without a trace somewhere on the further side of the Moon.

  • 1959 J. Wiliamson Second Man to the Moon in Fantastic Apr. 40/2 page image Jack Williamson bibliography

    Our original flight plan had called for the moon ship to return with several tons of fuel left.

  • 1989 G. R. Woodcock Wanted: Pioneers for Space Frontier in New Destinies #7 (Spring) page image Gordon R. Woodcock bibliography

    Our moonship would take four or five people to the Moon for a two-week stay.

  • 2005 R. J. Sawyer Mindscan xI. 80 Robert J. Sawyer

    We transferred from the spaceplane to the moonship, a metallic arachnid designed only for use in vacuum.

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