ship n. 1

a spaceship


  • 1898 G. P. Serviss Edison’s Conquest of Mars in Los Angeles Herald 6 Feb. 22/7 page image Garrett P. Serviss bibliography

    Let the Martians come…. If necessary we can quit the earth as the Athenians fled from Athens before the advancing hosts of Xerxes, and like them, take refuge upon our ships—these new ships of space, with which American inventiveness has furnished us.

  • 1900 R. W. Cole Struggle for Empire ii. 22 Robert W. Cole bibliography

    Far up among the clouds the gleaming hulls of the huge interstellar ships could be seen returning from their voyages to the planets and more distant stars, and further down were the outward-bound vessels slowly floating into the air from the wharves below.

  • 1925 J. Schlossel Invaders from Outside in Weird Tales Jan. 6/2

    The Martians crowded around that ship after the initial shock and roar of its landing was past.

  • 1929 ‘L. F. Stone’ Out of the Void in Amazing Stories Aug. 454/2 page image Leslie F. Stone bibliography

    Dick and I share alike in all the chores aboard our ‘ship’. We have arranged to take turns at arranging meals, each vying to make his or her meal the most appetizing, and at the same time conserving the fresh foods. Of dish-washing we make a great ado, jealously attempting to prove our individual superiority in the feat. We are both reading the heavy books with which Professor Rollins so thoroughly stocked the cupboards—books that teach us even more about what we are to expect on Mars.

  • 1950 J. H. Schmitz Second Night of Summer in T. Shippey Oxford Book of Science Fiction (1992) 172 James H. Schmitz

    Eight large ships came individually out of the darkness between the stars that was their sea, and began to move about Noorhut in a carefully timed pattern of orbits.

  • 1989 D. Pine Fill ’er Up In Orbit in Omni Sept. 30/1 page image

    Fueling such a ship in orbit instead of on the earth is necessary because we don’t have enough rockets powerful enough to lift both the ship and its fuel out of the earth’s gravity.

  • 2017 R. Solomon An Unkindness of Ghosts xii. 157 Rivers Solomon bibliography

    An asteroid had grazed Matilda. The impact didn’t break the hull, but it did dent the control area of the ship, metal pressing into the pipes that cycled the siluminium.

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