vessel n.

a spaceship


  • 1900 G. Griffith Visit to Moon in Pearson's Magazine Feb. 146 George Griffith

    Another signal went over the wire, the Astronef’s propellers slowed down and stopped, and the vessel began to rise swiftly towards the Zenith, which the Sun was now approaching.

  • 1925 J. Schlossel Invaders from Outside in Weird Tales Jan. 7/1

    They next told of the homesickness that had engulfed them and their inability to leave because they were short-handed. More than half of the crew had died and they could not get their vessel back.

  • 1928 E. E. Smith & L. H. Garby Skylark of Space in Amazing Stories Sept. 538/2 page image Edward E. Smith Lee Hawkins Garby bibliography

    They calculated their own speed, and that of the other vessel, as shown by the various readings taken, and applied just enough negative acceleration to slow the Skylark down to the speed of the other space-car when they should come up with it.

  • 1929 Amazing Stories Aug. 473/1 letters column page image

    The path taken by space travellers in a vessel will nullify gravity

  • 1938 E. E. Smith Galactic Patrol in Astounding Stories Jan. 131/1 Edward E. Smith

    Off he shot, and in due course a fair, green, Earthlike planet lay beneath his vessel’s keel.

  • 1942 L. R. Hubbard Space Can in Astounding Science Fiction July 73/2

    A small amount of Ensign Gates' placidity left his face. They were being severely knocked about by a vessel which had a longer range and a faster steering system, which was landing four hits to their two. ‘Hulled her!’ cried Ensign Wayton, an invisible source of death forward and above. Evidently something had happened to the Saturnian, for an instant later, in a steady stream, Wayton began to chant the Menace’s hits.

  • 1942 E. F. Russell Describe Circle in Astounding Science Fiction Mar. 130/2 Eric Frank Russell

    A terrific burst of thunder came from the rockets and the whole vessel slewed round.

  • 1942 L. R. Hubbard Space Can in Astounding Science Fiction July 72/2

    Plainly, he wanted nothing to do with this first destroyer, for he could feel from across black space the eagerness of hope in it that he would attack it and disregard the second ship, while that vessel, with all the brutal efficiency of a thing which knows nothing but destruction, blasted the life from the remainder of the supply vessels.

  • 1967 J. Blish Warriors of Day xi. 118 James Blish

    Their own casualties had been enormous, but they had definitely and finally accounted for two of the five-mile-long vessels of the Warriors of Day.

  • 1967 J. Blish Warriors of Day vii. 68 James Blish

    Yet this was certainly no part of any space vessel of the Warriors.

  • 1972 A. D. Foster Tar-Aiym Krang 175 Alan Dean Foster

    The powerful little ship was a complete space-going vessel, albeit a far more streamlined and less spacious one than the Gloryhole. It was powered by rockets of advanced design and, for atmospheric, sub-orbital flight, by ramjets. Being intended for simple ground-to-space, space-to-ground flights, it had limited cruising range.

  • 1986 L. M. Bujold Warrior's Apprentice (1992) 102 Lois McMaster Bujold

    Upon emergence into Tau Verde local space, all vessels will be approached and boarded for inspection.

  • 1991 Omni Feb. 59/2

    Johnson…had become the captain of this doomed vessel.

  • 1997 E. Moon Once A Hero 38 Elizabeth Moon

    Still, the Board recommends that you not be considered for command of a Regular Space Service vessel until you have shown, in combat situations, the level of tactical and operational competence expected of warship commanders.

  • 2002 D. Weber War of Honor 381 David Weber

    All of his vessels' parking orbits had been carefully arranged to avoid any problems with wedge interference if it was necessary to bring up their impellers quickly.

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