filksinging n.

the singing of filk songs


SF Fandom

  • 1965 K. K. Anderson in West by One & by One 152 (title)

    An introduction to filk singing.

  • 1988 S. McCrumb Bimbos of Death Sun i. 12 Sharyn McCrumb bibliography

    There'll be filksinging in Room 211.

  • 1993 SFRA Review May 65

    He also discusses other fan responses to texts: filksinging and fan music videos.

  • 2020 L. K. Swigart Fantastic Extrapolations (PhD dissertation, UCLA) 23 page image Leslie Kay Swigart

    Fantasy and science fiction even extend into the β€˜real life’ of some readers/consumers in the form of fandom and fannish activities such as writing and publishing fanzines or fan fiction, blogging and vlogging, convention-running and attendance, filk singing, costuming and cosplay.

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K. K. Anderson in 'West by One & by One'

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