space rocket n.

a rocket designed to travel beyond a planet's atmosphere


  • 1924 Charlotte Observer 6 Aug. 18/5

    Perhaps some day Professor Goddard’s remarkable space-rocket will enable us to send a geologist up to the moon to see what he can find.

  • 1928 Modesto (Calif.) News–Herald 28 Apr.

    Prof. Goddard has said the space rocket is no idle dream but an actual scientific possibility.

  • 1929 O. W. Gail Shot Into Infinity in Science Wonder Quarterly Fall 14/2 page image

    To-day at 9.25 P.M. start of Suchinow space rocket from Calimanesti to moon. Ibid. 30/2: Korf then covered the two great blackboards of the lecture hall with sketches and formulas, by which he explained the operation and construction of the space rocket.

  • 1930 F. Currier tr. O. von Hanstein Between Earth and Moon in Wonder Stories Quarterly Fall 8/2 page image

    Now I merely have to show you briefly the form of the space rocket, depicted here, which is to make its first ascent tomorrow at noon.

  • 1932 E. Hamilton in Amazing Stories Oct. 578 (title) page image Edmond Hamilton bibliography

    Space Rocket Murders

  • 1947 H. M. Sherman All Aboard for the Moon in Amazing Stories Apr. 13/1 page image Harold M. Sherman bibliography

    I'd give everything I own to get off this earth. If my space rocket works, I'll do it, too!

  • 1957 C. E. Fritch I Like Martian Music in Fantastic Universe Sept. 66/2 page image

    ‘Did you know the space rocket is due pretty soon[?]’…‘Space rocket?’…‘Bigwind who has a telescope in his hole told me a rocket is coming through space toward us, possible from the third planet.’

  • 2003 N. Allan Many Colours in Dark Horizons Spring–Summer 19 page image

    It was so shiny, you see, like a brand new space rocket or something.

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