space-borne adj.

travelling or carried through space; also, carried out in space or by means of instruments in space

  • 1924 F. V. Cole in Yarmouth Independent 1 Nov. 6/5

    The path of flashing meteor/From realms of star space borne.

  • 1948 ‘C. Recour’ Amoeba 'Roid in Amazing Stories July 146/2 page image Henry Bott bibliography

    As soon as the Tellus 243 was space[-]borne, the two of them put on their suits again, and opened the vent.

  • 1950 J. D. MacDonald Shadow on Sand in Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct. 26/2 John D. MacDonald bibliography

    And just in case we fail I suggest that we contact the A-list of all League personnel and advise them to ready themselves for basic flight procedure. We have statistically determined that even with maximum efficiency, one in ten on the A-list will be spaceborn [sic] in time but I feel that this is a necessary move.

  • 1952 M. Shaara Be Fruitful and Multiply in Space Science Fiction Nov. 56/1 Michael Shaara bibliography

    Three intelligent races had already been discovered. Not yet advanced, but capable of advancing. Eventually there would be found a space-borne civilization on a level with Man. And Man would have to be ready.

  • 1960 P. Anderson High Crusade (1982) xiii. 77 Poul Anderson bibliography

    Even though his information about us, our powers, and our possible spaceborne reinforcements was scanty, I think Huruga should have ordered the heavy wagons onward.

  • 1972 M. Z. Bradley Darkover Landfall vi. 68 Marion Zimmer Bradley bibliography

    Although eventually it may be possible to become spaceborne, with our current personnel and materials, we cannot make repairs at all.

  • 1979 B. M. French Once & Future Moon in O. Davis Omni Book of Space 210

    The moon in the near future could become a source of materials to build humanity’s first spaceborne civilization.

  • 1983 M. Z. Bradley Thendara House (1991) iv. 71 Marion Zimmer Bradley bibliography

    One of the Big Ships was there, a ground crew crawling over it, servicing the spaceborne monster which had come here…because Darkover was a convenient way station on the way to somewhere else.

  • 1988 A. C. Clarke 2061: Odyssey Three 68 Arthur C. Clarke bibliography

    Considering the rush to get Universe spaceborne, it was surprising that such a good job had been done on something so spectacularly non-essential.

  • 1999 P. Anderson Operation Luna xlviii. 305 Poul Anderson bibliography

    Val had blurted an account of herself after she was spaceborne.

  • 2004 P. F. Hamilton Pandora’s Star xiv. 432 Peter F. Hamilton bibliography

    And each of the gas-giant Trojan points, with their broad cluster of medium-sized planetoids, accommodated thriving spaceborne societies.

  • 2005 I. M. Banks Algebraist i. 37 Iain M. Banks bibliography

    Sal had let the flier slip four hundred metres or so into the shadows under the intact forward portion of the hull—climbing gently all the time, following the mangled, buckled floors and collapsed bulkheads forming the terrain beneath them—until they could see only the slimmest sliver of violet, star-spattered sky outside and felt they ought to be safe from whatever spaceborne craft—presumably a Beyonder—had been attacking anything that moved or had recently been moving on the surface.

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