space travelling n.

travelling through outer space

  • 1928 J. Walker Letter in Amazing Stories Mar. 1215 page image

    I especially like such stories as those that deal with space-traveling, because I believe that some time in the near future that is what we will be doing.

  • 1931 J. W. Campbell Islands of Space in Amazing Stories Quarterly Spring page image John W. Campbell, Jr. bibliography

    The strange, weightless sensation of space-traveling makes it very hard to recognize normally familiar sensations.

  • 1940 H. Kuttner When New York Vanished in Startling Stories Mar. 26/2 page image Henry Kuttner bibliography

    Space traveling, via rocket, isn’t a cinch, despite the centuries of study and experiment engineers have devoted to the problem.

  • 1950 M. St. Clair Pillows in Thrilling Wonder Stories June 135/1 page image Margaret St. Clair bibliography

    Ten days later they landed on Eschatonβ€”a routine landing, but interesting to Kent, who had done little space traveling.

  • 2002 W. Shatner & C. Walter I'm Working on That 38

    Simply by doing some high-speed space traveling, we will have flung ourselves years into the future.

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