space traveller n.

a traveller in outer space

  • 1928 E. Worrell Vulture Crag in Weird Tales Aug. 177/2 page image

    Twenty space-travelers could be taken care of at the same time.

  • 1928 M. J. Breuer Letter in Amazing Stories Aug. 468 page image Miles J. Breuer, M.D.

    The serious spot where absence of gravitation would cause trouble is in the semicircular canalds of the inner ear…. The space traveler would be too darned sick to run his machine.

  • 1929 Letter in Amazing Stories Aug. 473/1

    The path taken by space travellers in a vessel will nullify gravity.

  • 1929 Letter in Amazing Stories Aug. 478

    A space traveler would ultimately reach a zone of no weight or of practically none.

  • 1949 Startling Stories Jan. 10/2

    Cantrell has been removed from his job as chief space-explorer because of his insistence, thanks to a booby-trapped pyramid of strange design he found on Calypso during one of his previous space-flights, that some intelligent species, hostile to all other space-travelers and their worlds, has long been roving the star lanes.

  • 1986 R. A. Lafferty in Asimov’s Science Fiction July 119 page image

    A gnarled and knobby space-traveler…happened to be on World for a short stopover.

  • 2015 Starburst (#416) Sept. 106/1 page image

    With almost nothing in the way of preamble, 6 Voyages begins with space traveller Sloane being chosen by a sentient throne and taken to the mad priests of a dormant diety.

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Jeff Prucher submitted a 1929 cite from the letter column in Amazing Stories.
Fred Galvin submitted a 1928 cite from the letter column in Amazing Stories. This latter cite was a comment by Harold Scott on a Gernsback serial, "Baron Münchhausen's Scientific Adventures"; we would like to see whether this serial (Feb-Jul 1928) contained the term.
Jesse Sheidlower submitted an August 1928 cite from Weird Tales, and an August 1928 cite from Amazing Stories.

Earliest cite in OED2: 1930; updated to 1928 (Sept.) in OED3.

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