space taxi n.

a small spacecraft designed for short-distance ferrying of passengers


  • 1941 A. K. Barnes Trouble on Titan in Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb. xi. 49/1 page image Arthur K. Barnes bibliography

    The space taxis traveling from Hollywood on the Moon to the big bloated gambling ships detoured so their passengers could get a look at the phenomenon.

  • 1944 W. S. Peacock Chimera World in Planet Stories Winter 64/2 page image Wilbur S. Peacock bibliography

    I never stopped to think that you might not like the job of playing space taxi with me.

  • 1957 ‘I. Jorgensen’ Tailor-Made Killers in Fantastic Science-Fiction Aug. 94/1 page image Henry Slesar bibliography

    Three weeks later, the space taxi Gremlin arrived without ceremony at the invisibly-spinning turret of one of the Wheel’s two landing stations.

  • 1961 L. del Rey Moon of Mutiny 52 Lester del Rey bibliography

    A sausage-shaped space taxi was approaching the ship from the Station.

  • 1969 M. R. Sharpe Living in Space viii. 185 Mitchell R. Sharpe bibliography

    Despite the weightless environment, heavy work of this type may require a small vehicle that is variously called a space tug, space taxi, or bottlesuit.

  • 1985 M. McCollum Procyon’s Promise 101 page image Michael McCollum bibliography

    She followed Davidson to a berth operated by one of the three space taxi services that transported passengers and cargo between Von Braun and outlying ships.

  • 2010 N.Y. Times (National ed.) 8 June d1/1

    Then, instead of operating its own systems, like the space shuttles, NASA would buy rides for its astronauts on these commercial space taxis.

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