space journey n.

a journey in space

Quot. 1890 is a newspaper summary of an address by Garrett P. Serviss.

  • 1890 Brooklyn Daily Eagle 9 Aug. 1/7 page image

    Suppose we could get into the space outside the sun and our planetary system and visit some of the distant stars, what would be the contents of the space we traversed? The debris of the universe, tails of comets, star dust and masses of matter left over from the creation. The sun in its flight northward through the heavens attracts these floating masses, and we have particles from them coming within the range of our earth and falling upon it in meteoric showers. The object of our space journey would be Alpha Centauri, the nearest of the stars.

  • 1901 H. G. Wells First Men in Moon xx, in Strand Magazine May 507/2 H. G. Wells

    All through the major portion of that vast space journey I hung thinking of such immaterial things.

  • 1946 Letter in Thrilling Wonder Stories Spring 111/1 page image

    We’re off for another space journey. See all you kiwis in a couple of months.

  • 2003 Wired Mar. 128/2

    Human physiology remains the primary stumbling block to a prolonged space journey.

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Simon Koppel submitted an 1890 cite, reporting on an address by Garrett P. Serviss.

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