space bus n.

a spacecraft designed to ferry people (and sometimes freight) short distances


  • 1929 B. Olson Flight in 1999 in Air Wonder Stories Sept. 264/1 page image Bob Olsen bibliography

    And, by the way, Zamot, you might also arrange to have the other Purple Woman taken off the space[-]bus.

  • 1940 โ€˜M. Sheltonโ€™ Girl in the Whirlpool in Fantastic Adventures Aug. 122/2 page image Don Wilcox bibliography

    How soon do I catch the next space bus back to earth?

  • 1951 K. F. Crossen Restricted Clientele in Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb. 142/1 page image Kendell Foster Crossen bibliography

    There will be a space-bus, driven by a robot, to take the smaller children to school on Earth.

  • 1961 New Scientist 27 July 216

    Ultimately, the space bus named Ranger will find its way to the moon, running on electric power drawn from the sun.

  • 1979 G. Harry Stine Ticket to Space Omni Mar. 118/1 page image G. Harry Stine

    It was designed to be a space truck, not a space bus.

  • 2011 S. Alten Phobos: Mayan Fear ii. 44 page image Steve Alten bibliography

    On December 15, 2029, the worldโ€™s first โ€˜space busโ€™ took off down its new fifteen-thousand-foot runway at the Kennedy Space Center. Onboard were 120 VIPs, including key stockholders, political dignitaries, members of the media, Lucien and Lilith, and a crew of twelve.

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Bob Olsen, in Air Wonder Stories

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