space lane n.

an established route through space

  • 1928 E. Hamilton Crashing Suns in Weird Tales Aug. 200/2 page image Edmond Hamilton bibliography

    Though I was peculiarly affected by the strangeness of our position, big Hal Kur was even more so. He had traveled the space-lanes of the solar system for the greater part of his life, and now all of his time-honored rules of interplanetary navigation had been upset by this new cruiser, a craft entirely without gravity-screens, which was flashing from sun to sun propelled by invisible vibrations only.

  • 1932 N. R. Jones Spacewrecked on Venus in Wonder Stories Quarterly Winter 264/1 page image Neil R. Jones bibliography

    No longer would fliers of the space lanes fear them. But there were other outlaws.

  • 1938 C. Jacobi Cosmic Teletype in Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct. 38/2 page image Carl Jacobi bibliography

    It is believed Tarana arrived secretly on Lirius on a space ship, travelling out of patrolled space-lanes.

  • 1941 I. Asimov Not Final! in Astounding Science-Fiction Oct. 60/1 page image Isaac Asimov bibliography

    We're way off the regular space lanes. The first the System will know of us will be the landing of the Transparent on Ganymede.

  • 1953 A. Norton Star Rangers 271 page image Andre Norton bibliography

    Maybe there has been a rebellion in this sector. The winner may be systematically mopping up all Patrol bases. That would leave him free to rule the space lanes as he pleases.

  • 1962 ‘C. Smith’ From Gustible’s Planet in Worlds of If 30/1 page image Cordwainer Smith bibliography

    The Lords of the Instrumentality were relieved to note that when the Apicians left they closed the space lane behind them. No one quite knows how they closed it, or what defenses they had. Mankind. salivating and ashamed, did not push the pursuit hotly.

  • 1980 J. M. Ford On Playing Rôles: Third Look in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine 51 page image John M. Ford bibliography

    If they players would rather explore one world in detail than flit among a hundred, build one without a starport, far off the space lanes.

  • 1992 P. David Imzadi ii. 14 Peter David bibliography

    There was nothing desirable about Starbase 86. It was far removed from the more frequently traveled space lanes.

  • 2001 J. A. Gardner Ascending x. 109 James Alan Gardner bibliography

    One more ship must have been dispatched hours behind its companions, on its way from New Earth to my planet. Since Starbiter was headed for New Earth now, we must be traveling in the same space lane.

  • 2016 E. Fortune To Boldly Game… in Starburst (#428) Sept. 34/2 page image

    Another reskin is Star Trek Catan. It’s the trading and road-building game Settlers of Catan, but with space lanes instead of roads and exotically named chemicals instead of Ore, Wood, and so on.

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Edmond Hamilton, Crashing Suns, in Weird Tales

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