UFO n.

an unidentified flying object; a ‘flying saucer’

SF Encyclopedia

  • 1953 D. E. Keyhoe in Air Line Pilot Oct. 9/3

    The UFO was estimated to be between 12,000 and 20,000 feet above the jets.

  • 1968 D. C. Fontana Tomorrow is Yesterday in J. Blish Star Trek 2 (1968) 28 D. C. Fontana

    We're tracking both you and the UFO.

  • 1989 Omni Aug. 81/2 page image

    It somebody asked me how to make a tiny town nobody has ever heard of internationally famous, I'd say, ‘Announce that you’re going to build a landing site for UFOs.’

  • 1991 A. D. Foster Cat.a.lyst xii. 180 Alan Dean Foster

    An invasion! Real UFOs!

  • 1993 SFRA Rev. Jan. 37

    Brosnan doubts the conventional wisdom that every monster, alien, and UFO in 1950s films represented either nuclear weapons or Communism.

  • 1993 Omni Oct. 113/1

    The youngster began a lifelong quest to learn about UFOs.

  • 1995 C. Carter Truth is out There: Official Guide to The X Files The Episodes: Season 1 102 Chris Carter

    Later they see two darting lights in the night sky, then go to the Flying Saucer Cafe—looking for ‘UFO nuts’—where Mulder sees a picture of a UFO that looks uncannily like a shot supposedly taken in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

  • 2014 S. Coonts Saucer: Savage Planet ii. 25 Stephen Coonts bibliography

    Charlotte ‘Charley’ Pine, thirty-one years old, had been a civilian member of an air force UFO team that investigated the Sahara saucer, and she was the one who flew it away when armed thugs tried to confiscate it.

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