Ganymedian adj.

of, relating to, or from Ganymede, the largest satellite of Jupiter

Also Ganymedean.

  • 1928 F. J. Breuckel Moon Men in Amazing Stories Nov. 726/1 page image Frank J. Brueckel, Jr. bibliography

    The morning after the long, chilly, dark Ganymedean night, we again resumed the march. [Ibid. 727/1] ‘Yes, it is,’ I agreed, thinking not of Ganymedean nomenclature, but of terrestrial.

  • 1931 J‘. Maxwell’ Outpost on the Moon in Wonder Stories 1017/1 page image Joslyn Maxwell bibliography

    We were approaching a Ganymedian city.

  • 1935 R. Z. Gallun Derelict in Astounding Stories Oct. 24/1 page image Raymond Z. Gallun bibliography

    He kept hearing the weird screams of the Loathi echoing inside him; he kept seeing…their batlike bodies swooping crazily out of the Ganymedean night.

  • 1944 Planet Stories Spring 111/2

    Even the full capacity of the mind of a Ganymedean savage wasn’t sufficient to develop a spaceship.

  • 1965 J. Green Dance of the Cats in New Worlds Dec. 72 page image Joseph Green bibliography

    Burkalter served his guests himself, stiff cocktails made with a base of the fabulously expensive maquella, the drinks in Ganymedian crystal glasses of striking beauty.

  • 1995 P. Di Filippo Take Me to the Pilot in Asimov’s Science Fiction Aug. 52 page image Paul Di Filippo bibliography

    All living things coexist harmoniously side by side in the oververse. Beetles, cacti, whales, Ganymedean slime worms….

  • 2016 C. Pak Terraforming ii. 88

    This outlaw community lives at the fringes of the Ganymedean society.

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Frank Breuckel, in Amazing Stories

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While this is not necessarily an SF word, the OED does not currently list an adjectival form for the moon of Jupiter.

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