launching laser n.

a high-powered laser used for the launching of spacecraft, either by vaporizing propellant at the rear of the craft, or by radiation pressure on a solar sail n.

  • 1971 L. Niven Fourth Profession in 1972 Annual Worldโ€™s Best SF (1972) 23 page image Larry Niven bibliography

    You donโ€™t have to depend on sunlight, not if youโ€™re launching from a civilized system. Every civilized system has a moon-based launching laser. By the time the sun is too far away to give the ship a decent push, the beam from the laser cannon is spreading just enough to give the sail a hefty acceleration without vaporizing anything.

  • 1981 V. Vinge True Names in Binary Star No. 5 179 Vernor Vinge bibliography

    As they fell deeper into the humid air of the lowlands, Mr. Slippery dipped into the news channels: word was already coming over the LA Times of the fluke accident in which the Hokkaido aerospace launching laser had somehow shone on MT3โ€™s optics.

  • 1984 R. L. Forward Flight of the Dragonfly 62 page image Robert L. Forward bibliography

    The whole thousand-kilometer sail worked as a single unit and was driven by the light pressure from the launching laser.

  • 2007 A. Grossman Soon I will be Invincible 75 Austin Grossman bibliography

    When the doomsday device is unveiled, the launching laser built, the weather-controlling satellite finally aloft, the skies dancing to my whim.

  • 2012 J. C. Wright Hermetic Millennia 60 page image John C. Wright bibliography

    Just add a propulsion sail, point a launching laser and youโ€™d have a worldlet-size starship ready to launch.

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