thought screen n.

= thought shield n.

Now rare.


  • 1931 N. Schachner & A. L. Zagat Back to 20,000 A.D. in Wonder Stories Mar. 1132/2 page image Arthur Leo Zagat Nat Schachner

    He invented a thought screen that, when worn, effectually shields the wearer from intrusion into his private thoughts.

  • 1937 P. Ernst Invincible Midge in Thrilling Wonder Stories Apr. 41/2 page image Paul Ernst bibliography

    For the past few minutes I have had my thought screen switched off so that they could read my mind and learn of the plot against them here. I concealed only the manner of the weapon itself.

  • 1937 E. E. Smith Galactic Patrol in Astounding Stories Dec. 79/2 page image Edward E. Smith bibliography

    There is a blank space which I cannot penetrate, in teh seventh room of the fourth corridor. In all probability it is one of our guests, hiding now behind a thought screen.

  • 1947 E. E. Smith Children of the Lens in Astounding Science Fiction Nov .54/1 page image Edward E. Smith bibliography

    Tregonsee should have stayed out in deep space, concealed behind a solid thought-screen.

  • 1956 H. Warner Jr. Think No Evil in Science Fiction Quarterly Feb. 8/2 page image Harry Warner, Jr. bibliography

    It’s a portable thought screen. As long as you wear it, you’re safe. It hides your thoughts from the Paths.

  • 1975 W. Ackerman tr. C. Darlton Perry Rhodan #68: Under the Stars of Druufon v. 88 page image bibliography

    Rhodan had plunged into deep thought and retired to his cabin. The thought-screen he put up around his mind could not be broken even by the curious Pucky.

  • 1992 J. May Jack the Bodiless 346 Julian May bibliography

    It did Paul no good to erect a thought-screen when that young devil was around—not that the lowliest normal could have failed to read on Paul’s face what the decision had been.

  • 1997 D. Duane Intellivore 219 Diane Duane bibliography

    Maisel could feel that maddening itch at the back of her mind, threatening to get stronger again…. ‘Even with the thought screen, that thing’s trying to dig through.’

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Nat Schachner & A. L. Zagat

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Fred Galvin submitted a cite from a 1950 reprint of Edward E. Smith's 1937-38 "Galactic Patrol"; Mike Christie verified it in the original serial publication.

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