Earth-normal adj.

having conditions (as of gravity or atmospheric pressure) typical of what is found on Earth

  • 1937 J. W. Campbell, Jr. Tenth World in Thrilling Wonder Stories Dec. 39/2 page image John W. Campbell, Jr. bibliography

    ‘I’m going to step up to a full Earth-normal acceleration, so grab hold.’ The ship was suddenly pulling harder, as the acceleration increased from only slightly more than the equal of Ganymedian gravity to equal Earth’s gravitational acceleration.

  • 1942 I. Asimov Victory Unintentional in Super Science Stories Aug. 90/1 Isaac Asimov bibliography

    They had six legs apiece, stumpy and thick, designed to lift tons against two and a half times normal Earth gravity. Their reflexes were that many times Earth-normal speed, to make up for the gravity.

  • 1947 R. A. Heinlein It’s Great to be Back! in Saturday Evening Post 26 July 71/2 page image Robert A. Heinlein bibliography

    It can't be just the gravity…. I've taken earth-normal weight in the centrifuge at the Y, back home—I mean back in Luna City. We're weak from spacesickness.

  • 1952 J. Blish Bridge in Astounding Science Fiction Feb. 73/1 page image James Blish bibliography

    None of us have to pretend that our living arrangements would keep us out of jail in Boston, or that they have to involve any Earth-normal excuses.

  • 1956 M. Lesser Meet Miss Solar System in Fantastic Universe Apr. 53/2 page image Milton Lesser bibliography

    They’d rigged up a force-field on Eros, holding out the black cold of interplanetary space and holding in Earth-normal atmosphere and artificial gravity for the benefit of the Chairman of the Board of Judges.

  • 1963 J. Williamson & F. Pohl Reefs of Space in Worlds of If Nov. 84/1 page image Jack Williamson Frederik Pohl bibliography

    They were at the center, and as the air reached earth-normal density the invisible small creatures that gave it light and life were thickly packed about them.

  • 1974 I. Asimov Stranger in Paradise in Worlds of If June 23 page image Isaac Asimov bibliography

    It’s harder on Earth. This robot is designed for 1/3 Earth-normal gravity, and he’s working in Arizona at full gravity.

  • 1993 V. E. Mitchell Windows on Lost World ii. 12 V. E. Mitchell bibliography

    And it wasn’t because a planet deviated from the Earth-normal conditions of the Enterprise.

  • 1997 W. Shatner Avenger vi. 45 William Shatner

    The designers…had specified a cylindrical aquarium, with an Earth-normal saltwater environment.

  • 2011 J. C. Wright Count to a Trillion viii. 147 page image John C. Wright bibliography

    We are somewhat apart in age, out of synch, as her body, born in space, could not adjust properly to earth[-]normal conditions, and years she spent in ageless slumber while a cure was sought.

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