light-month n.

the distance light travels in one month

  • 1933 J. Kendig, Jr. Eternal Mask in Amazing Stories Feb. 1017/2 page image Julian Kendig, Jr. bibliography

    I detected…vast regions of high resistance ether floating about, in many places in the universe; three of which lie within a hundred light years of our sun, and three of which lie within a single light month; dangerously close.

  • 1941 R. A. Heinlein Methuselah’s Children in Astounding Science-Fiction Aug. 97/2 page image Robert A. Heinlein bibliography

    Lazarus, somewhat mollified, told her. The type-G, or Sun type, star toward which they had bent their course was now less than a light-year away—a little more than seven light-months, to be more nearly precise.

  • 1952 T. Cogswell Specter General in Astounding Science Fiction June iv. 16/2 page image Lucius Shepard bibliography

    Ships that were supposed to be light-months away carrying on the carefully planned search for General Carr’s hideout were fluttering down out of the sky like senile penguins, disabled by blown jets, jammed computers, and all the other natural ills that worn out and poorly serviced equipment is heir to.

  • 1960 P. Anderson Burning Bridge in Astounding Science Fiction Jan. 111/2 Poul Anderson bibliography

    In the course of that period, we covered not quite one-and-a-half light-months.

  • 1971 G. Benford & D. Franson Star Crossing in Worlds of If Mar. 121/1 page image Gregory Benford Donald Franson bibliography

    I haven’t heard from the Lone Ranger yet…. Probably tangling with the Dents a light-month away.

  • 1999 R. Reed Baby’s Fire in Asimov’s Science Fiction July 118 page image Robert Reed bibliography

    The voice sprang from a tiny, almost unnoticed mass barely one light month away.

  • 2020 P. F. Hamilton Saints of Salvation 303 Peter F. Hamilton bibliography

    They were six light-months from the Olyix signal station—a modest L-class star with an airless, rocky planet orbiting two AUs out, and a Neptune-sized ice giant huddled away in the cold thirty-two AUs distant.

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Julian Kendig, in Amazing

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