light-week n.

the distance light travels in one week

  • 1934 E. E. Smith Skylark of Valeron in Astounding Stories Aug. 24/1 page image Edward E. Smith bibliography

    They have warning long before anything can possibly happen. They can, and do, spot trouble over a light-week away, so their plans allow one week to perfect their defenses.

  • 1943 A. E. van Vogt Storm in Astounding Science-Fiction Oct. 19/1 A. E. van Vogt

    By making a point 0100 turn we shall miss the storm by seven light weeks. I admit it is an appallingly sharp curve, but I feel that we should have at least that much leeway.

  • 1944 โ€˜W. Longโ€™ Nomad in Astounding Science Fiction Dec. 21/2 George O. Smith

    We are close to Sol. A light-week or less.

  • 1952 J. Vance Sabotage on Sulfur Planet in Startling Stories June 104/1 Jack Vance

    How far had they come? Little more than a light-week or two; he could hear the whir of motors still building up acceleration.

  • 1960 P. Anderson Burning Bridge in Astounding Science Fiction Jan. 100/1 Poul Anderson bibliography

    Nevertheless that pencil must scrawl broadly over the sky, and for a long time, merely hoping to write on its target. For when distances are measured in light-weeks, the smallest errors grow monstrous.

  • 1973 L. Niven Protector (1980) 179 Larry Niven

    We're only a couple of light-weeks out from Sol, and heโ€™s a light-year away, and I think heโ€™s decelerating.

  • 1996 D. Weber Honor Among Enemies (1997) 334 David Weber

    I figure we'll clear the planetary hyper limit, pop into h-space and move a couple of light-weeks out, then come back in the same way we did for Sharonโ€™s Star.

  • 2011 G. L. Powell Recollection xxxviii. 251 page image Gareth L. Powell bibliography

    Along with his wife, Scarlett, heโ€™d been spending three months out of every four on their private yacht, jumping six light weeks out into space and then turning around and jumping straight back. Theyโ€™d been doing it for the past twenty-four years, fast-forwarding themselves into the future, waiting for Kat to return from Djatt.

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E.E. Smith, 'Skylark of Valeron'

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