light-minute n.

the distance light travels in one minute

  • 1945 I. Asimov Mule in Astounding Science Fiction Nov. 42/1 page image Isaac Asimov bibliography

    We traveled about a light-minute or so, in neutral, right past Horleggor.

  • 1971 R. Silverberg In Entropy's Jaws in R. Hoskins Infinity 2 199 Robert Silverberg

    That is the voyage’s final acceleration; the ship will maintain this rate for two and a half days, until it clocks in at Scylla, the main deceleration station for this part of the galaxy, where it will be seized by a spongy web of forces twenty lightminutes in diameter and slowed to sublight velocities for the entry into the Abbondanza system.

  • 1987 L. Watt-Evans Wizard and War Machine ii. 10 Lawrence Watt-Evans

    The transmitter in his skull, powered by his own body’s electricity, had a useful range of no more than a light-minute or two, and while the sender of the message might not have a ready answer, he or she—or it—would surely have stopped the endless repetition immediately upon getting a response.

  • 1996 D. Weber Honor Among Enemies (1997) 269 David Weber

    Unfortunately, the bogies, whoever and whatever they truly were, were now only five light-minutes back.

  • 1999 D. Drake With the Lightnings 5 David Drake

    Formally the Reciprocity Agreement granted Cinnabar only the right to land warships on Kostroma instead of staying ten light-minutes out like those of other nations.

  • 2000 J. A. Gardner Hunted v. 38 James Alan Gardner

    While I waited for the Outbreak Team to arrive from some other starbase, I used the captain’s vidscreen to watch outside the ship. I didn’t see much—nothing came or went at Starbase Iris, not even in-system shuttles. Once I noticed a merchant vessel passing within range of Willow’s hull cameras, but it didn’t come very close; it was aiming for the planet Celestia, a light-minute nearer the local sun.

  • 2005 C. Stross Accelerando iv. 121 Charles Stross bibliography

    Unexpected fringe riders are developing new ecological niches on the edge of the human information space, light-minutes and light-hours from the core, as an expansion that has hung fire since the 1970s gets under way.

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