space probe n.

an unmanned spacecraft used esp. for research or reconnaissance


  • 1949 R. Osborne Action on Azura in Planet Stories Fall 87/1 page image Robertson Osborne bibliography

    That means dismantling the space-probe and comparator, boss. Not enough spare checkerboards to scan three hundred and sixty degrees with a decent vertical coverage.

  • 1959 N. M. Lobsenz Editorial in Fantastic Dec. 5 page image

    We have all the respect in the world for the eminent Dr. James A. Van Allen, the man who was in charge of America’s space probe and satellite experiments that revealed the existence of the belts of intense radiation that surround the earth.

  • 1972 J. Brunner Wrong End of Time in Amazing Stories Jan. 28/1 page image John Brunner

    Out beyond Pluto the Russian space-probe was met by aliens.

  • 1990 Interzone (#37) July 63/1 page image

    It begins with a prologue in which hazily visualized aliens send out a space probe which turns rogue and destroys life rather than surveying it.

  • 2008 A. Jablokov Boarder in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Mar. 19 page image Alexander Jablokov bibliography

    An ICBM needs to be launched quickly, and so needs a storable propellant. A space probe or manned flight, not so much. So, we were secretly working on what we really wanted to work on?

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