space patrol n.

a military or police force operating in space

SF Encyclopedia

  • 1930 E. Hamilton Evans of the Earth-Guard in Air Wonder Stories Apr. 906/1 page image Edmond Hamilton

    If he was a space-pirate, he was not one like the earlier space-buccaneers whose atrocities had roused a fury that had swept them out of existence… By the end of his week of relief Evans’ nerves were ragged and he was longing for the peacefulness of the space patrol.

  • 1936 D. Wandrei Finality Unlimited in Astounding Stories Sept. 31/2 page image Donald Wandrei bibliography

    His master, Pilot Venn of the Space Patrol, ruffled the Kotoley’s head.

  • 1939 J. Berryman Space Rating in Astounding Stories Oct. 55/2 John Berryman bibliography

    At Hawley’s smiling nod, Riggs picked up the thick, blue-bound volume prepared by the scientists of the Space Patrol for classroom use, and riffled its pages before finding his place.

  • 1940 J. Williamson Hindsight in Astounding Science Fiction May 105/2 Jack Williamson

    The rebel ship was overtaken and destroyed by the space patrol, just a few hours ago.

  • 1945 J. Vance World-Thinker in Thrilling Wonder Stories Summer 39/1 Jack Vance

    Lanarck stood silent and grim. The girl must be either a fool or very desperate. This was a hostile space she was entering. In another day or so she’d be slicing the fringe of the Clantlalan System, where the far-flung space patrol of that dark and inimical empire blasted without warning all approaching vessels.

  • 1954 J. McConnell Grandma Perkins & the Space Pirates in Planet Stories Mar. 11/2 page image James McConnell bibliography

    Now, we got you instead, no chance of getting the ransom money, and to top it all off, we’ll be wanted for piracy by the Space Patrol.

  • 1966 ‘M. Leinster’ Stopover In Space in Amazing Stories June 12/2 page image Murray Leinster bibliography

    Ordinary shipments of treasure by spacecraft were routinely put under the special protection of the Space Patrol.

  • 1993 J. Clute Teething the Gap in Interzone Jan. 63/2 page image John Clute

    Angus Thermopyle, an extremely ugly pirate on the run from the space-patrol cruiser, captures Morn.

  • 1997 B. Johnson We Will Drink a Fish Together… in Asimov’s Science Fiction May 50 page image Bill Johnson bibliography

    They asked me to give you their thanks, for keeping me alive. They also put a protective air and space patrol over Summit for tonight. In the morning they’ll be down with transport to take me home.

  • 2006 H. Turtledove Someone Is Stealing the Great Throne Rooms of the Galaxy in Atlantis and Other Places (2010) 324 page image Harry Turtledove bibliography

    As Earth has always been, it remains the sleazy-media center of the Galactic Empire. Anything that happens there gets more attention than it deserves, just because it happens there. And so there was an enormous hue and cry. Something Must Be Done! Who got to do it? Why, the Space Patrol, of course. Specifically, Space Cadet Rufus Q. Shupillulimash, a Bon of Bons, a noble of nobles... a fat overgrown hamster with delusions of gender.

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Edmond Hamilton, in Air Wonder Stories

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Note:Fred Galvin submitted a cite from a 1960s reprint of Neil R. Jones's 1935 story "Space War", but this only referred to a patrol in space, rather than an organization that sends out such patrols

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