terraforming n.

the process of transforming a planet into one sufficiently similar to Earth to support Earth life-forms, esp. humans

SF Encyclopedia

  • 1942 J. Williamson Collision Orbit in Astounding Science-Fiction July 85/2 page image Jack Williamson bibliography

    Smaller… Less than a tenth the mass. There’s plenty of time to land a terraforming crew, to install a new-type directional drive. It’s a job for the guard.

  • 1942 J. Williamson Collision Orbit in Astounding Science-Fiction July 87/2 page image Jack Williamson bibliography

    But the directional space drive; the negative safety field, to guard a ship’s hull from spatial drift; the peegee reducer, that broke up compounds by direct selective attraction, yielding oxygen to breathe and iron for construction out of common hematite; the peegee terraforming unit, that held man and his precious blanket of air to any tiny rock—those were all unexpected gifts, amazing even the engineer.

  • 1949 ‘W. Stewart’ Seetee Shock in Astounding Science Fiction Feb. 15/1 page image Jack Williamson bibliography

    I've got the Martian industrial trust interested in an atomic furnace to make synthetic terraforming diamonds.

  • 1957 P. Anderson Brake in Astounding Science Fiction Aug. 13/1 page image Poul Anderson bibliography

    A genuine Engineer, nursemaiding the terraforming equipment which was the Thunderbolt’s prime cargo, the great machines which the Order would use to make Europa habitable. [Ibid. 34/1] Even after the alleged terraforming, Ganymede hasn’t enough atmosphere.

  • 1972 P. Anthony Hard Sell in Worlds of If July–Aug. 158/2 page image Piers Anthony bibliography

    This property is not adaptable for terraforming purposes.

  • 1980 D. Brin Sundiver iv.x. 107 David Brin bibliography

    Have only allowed the Pring to colonize class A worlds, devoid of life and requiring terraforming, but free of use restrictions by the Institutes of Tradition and Migration.

  • 1988 ‘C. J. Cherryh’ Cyteen 41 C. J. Cherryh bibliography

    Terraforming, while wreaking havoc on many native species, has provided a unique opportunity to study interface zones and compare adaptive changes in Terrene and indigenous species.

  • 1993 K. S. Robinson Red Mars ii. 88 Kim Stanley Robinson bibliography

    The treaty also says we have to take measures to prevent the disruption of planetary environments, I think is how they put it. It’s in Article Seven. That seems to me to expressly forbid the terraforming that so many of you are talking about.

  • 2010 R. Reed History of Terraforming in Asimov’s Science Fiction July 81 page image Robert Reed bibliography

    Preliminary teams were plotting the terraforming of Venus.

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