Earthbound adj. 1

headed toward Earth

  • 1928 β€˜Marius’ Vandals from the Moon in Amazing Stories July 304/2 page image Steve Benedict bibliography

    An hour before it fell to earth it had dwindled to a few hundred feet in diameter, a revolving wing-like structure that seemed to be the propelling force of the earth-bound missile.

  • 1930 β€˜J. Vanny’ Liners of Space in Air Wonder Stories Feb. 711/1 page image Jim Vanny bibliography

    Later when we asked to be put aboard an Earth-bound liner, Doctor Sigurd told us that he hated the Earth and we would never see it again.

  • 1953 L. Wright ...Is No Robbery in New Worlds Science Fiction Mar. 61 page image Lan Wright bibliography

    Dawson received orders to report back on the next Earthbound ship.

  • 1955 D. Morgan Life Agency in New Worlds Science Fiction Sept. 94 page image Dan Morgan bibliography

    When is the next Earthbound ferry?

  • 1955 L. Grant Signal Thirty-Three in Fantastic Oct. 44/2 page image Lee Grant bibliography

    β€˜Trans Planetary Golden Comet, earthbound from Ganymede,’ the voice said.

  • 1981 R. Silverberg Waiting for the Earthquake in Conglomeroid Cocktail Party (1984) 200 Robert Silverberg bibliography

    Paul, tough old indestructible Paul, had panicked over the thought that the earthquake was only a decade away, and between Darkday and Dimday of Christmas week had packed up and boarded an Earthbound ship.

  • 2012 S. Stanton Redemption xii. 215 page image Steve Stanton bibliography

    [Colin7] followed along to ensure careful handling as roughnecks packed his special cargo on the Earthbound shuttle. [...] Colin7 took a seat in the passenger cabin and tried to feign calm as the shuttle lurched into space on an acceleration curve toward the planet below.

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